Playing with Magic is ultimately a story of redemption. The film begins with horses saving humans, helping them to overcome their mental, emotional and physical maladies. But it ends with a nod to the people who are courageous enough to save ‘unwanted’ horses from uncertain fates, begging the question, “Who saved whom?”

“Ewing’s film clutches and captures the heart in deep soulful emotions. A must see for all horse enthusiasts and everyone with a heart, including the Tin Man.”

– Mary Carbone, Orange County Register

From the Aspen Times May 17, 2013

“As a kid, Wayne Ewing had a powerful attraction to horses. He couldn’t quite explain why at the time, but it was potent enough that he made an unusual request of his parents.” – Stewart Oksenhorn

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From California Riding Magazine July, 2013

Anyone who loves horses knows they are magic, and have the power to transform lives. This film explores this fact and brings the magic to those who watch it.” – See more at:

“I can not express in words what watching your film ‘Playing with Magic’ stirred inside of me.  The film captures the essence of horses, the angst of humankind, and the power of putting horses with humans in a space which truly allows for healing.  I enjoyed the film more than I can say and deeply appreciate the authenticity in which you and Allan expressed.   Thank you.”   Dr. Libby Smith,

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